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I can’t believe the last time we went to the lake was two years ago!! Since the pandemic hit there are so many places that we have gone to recently (now that we can) and it makes me realise how long it was until we were last able to go to these places that we love. This was Jack’s first trip to the lake and I loved seeing his reaction to seeing ducks for the first time!! We ended up going to a few baby shops that they have in the town and David and I saw a toy that we had seen when we first found out that we were pregnant and David looked at it and said, “that’s coming home with us” and I couldn’t stop smiling! It’s basically a penguin in a boat that you can put in the bath and we recently used it with Jack in the bath and he loved it. We are planning to go back to the lake in the second half of the Easter holiday to meet up with some friends that we haven’t seen since Jack was born. I’m feeling SO nervous as I am really strict when it comes to mixing with people and general hygene when it comes to Jack. He is five months and the only people he has been around has been our parents and Davids’ Grandparents. I’m excited but I am extremely anxious and I hope that we will still be able to have a good time. This weekend we are headed to the coast for a couple of days to spend our Easter holiday and we have just bought Jack’s first sun hat and swim shorts (not quite sure if it’s warm enough for Jack to be in swim shorts but it came with the hat). There’s something so sweet and exciting about having our first “family holiday” even though it’s just thirty minutes away from our home. We were planning to go to England so my family could meet Jack but with recent travel restrictions, that has become impossible!

We are really hopeful and looking forward to introducing Jack to my family! Stay safe and enjoy your Easter break!

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