One thing that we knew that we wanted to include in Jack’s bedroom is a reading corner. We wanted a cosy corner that we can sit with Jack and read and play with him whilst he is still young and eventually he will be able to access the shelves himself since they are low. We went for netural tones, specifically tones that were calming and I think the pillows and the floor cushion does just that.

Firstly we bought the floor cushions that we found in a local store where we live and we thought that these two were a great size and since one runs along his balcony windows that let in a lot of cold air. The pillows just happened to be in the same shop and we couldn’t help but pick them up since the colours were so beautiful. Clearly the most important thing to add next was the book shelf which we ordered from IKEA and I think the colour of the wood goes with the theme of his room. I decided to add his letters that we are waiting to put on his new bed that will be arriving very soon (finally!!) and a cute little piggy that his Papa picked up for him (he picked up three!) last Summer. I really love this new corner of his room and I honestly can’t wait to spend more time with him there in the future. For now, we mostly use this corner for tummy time as a lot of natural light comes through his balcony windows.

Floor Cushion
Storage bins
Hanging Letters
Vintage Cotton Cushion
Pure Linen Cushion
Pure Linen Cushion
Amazon Rug

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