I've been writing on this blog here for almost six months and I've always felt that my blog lacked my personality and my true self was never shown in my posts nor my photos. I want to make an effort to really put in everything I have to get my ideas across and show my … Continue reading GET TO KNOW ME!


We decided to head off to a local town to wonder around in the afternoon sun and buy some delicious bunyols (they are so yummy!) but I have to admit that they don't compare to the bunyols that we buy in David's grandparents' town! The only problem is that they are almost an hour away … Continue reading WONDERING AROUND BESALÚ


I can't believe the last time we went to the lake was two years ago!! Since the pandemic hit there are so many places that we have gone to recently (now that we can) and it makes me realise how long it was until we were last able to go to these places that we … Continue reading THE LAKE