During the Easter break we took Jack to one of our favourite restaurants early in the morning in hopes that it wouldn't be crowded full of people and much to our surprise we were the only people there so we had a coffee. I was so surprised how warm it was so early in the … Continue reading EASTER BREAK


Another Sunday well spent with family! We went to see David's grandparents and I thought it would be fun to match Jack today since we both seem to have our wardrobes full of blue and white stripes and dunagrees. It's always fun to sit and talk with David's grandparents (even if we have a language … Continue reading BLUE STRIPES STRIPES AND DUNAGREES


I can't believe the last time we went to the lake was two years ago!! Since the pandemic hit there are so many places that we have gone to recently (now that we can) and it makes me realise how long it was until we were last able to go to these places that we … Continue reading THE LAKE


We look so goofy in these photos and I love it! Sometimes unplanned weekends are the best weekends. We ended up having our lunch outside in the garden and going for an afternoon walk as the weather has been so nice lately. It's the perfect weather for Jack to be in his long sleeved t-shirt … Continue reading MATCHING LEVI’S!


This weekend we didn't plan to do anything special, or plan anything at all actually. We decided that we would stay around home and our little town and visit Jack's Grandparents and get the house clean and other boring things that have to be done! Last minute we heard that the Grandparents had gone to … Continue reading AN UNEXPECTED WEEKEND


If you're familiar with my blog then you'll know that I had a really difficult birth with Jack and four months on, my recovery is far from over. I was told in December that I would be needing a surgery to completely recover from my birth and to not have pain down there. Hearing this … Continue reading FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS!


There is something so magical about Sundays and that feeling that everything is closed (at least where we live) and it just makes it such a family-lazy day! Sunday's are so special for us as we always start the day a lot slower than usual, even though we do still wake up at 7 AM … Continue reading PUT YOUR PJ’S ON AND SNUGGLE!


We have a family tradition of seeing David's Grandparents every two weeks and now that we have Jack, we try to visit them once a week if we can find time! Family time has always been so important to us and it is definitely a central part of our relationship. David's Grandparents live in the … Continue reading FIRST BLOSSOM OF THE YEAR!

Baby winter essentials

Since my son was born in November, there have been some staple pieces that have been key to his winter wardrobe. Keeping your little one warm during the winter isn't as straightforward and easy as it sounds. All of those cute jackets and trousers that you've picked up may seem like the perfect answer but … Continue reading Baby winter essentials


UPDATE: I wrote this before giving birth and I am now looking back at this post with my face beaming! The other day we wore matching sailor themed outfits with our bandanas and David shot these photos in Jack's room when we were messing around and being silly! I have to add these photos - … Continue reading PACKING MY HOSPITAL BAG!