A fun blog post about all of the things I love about being a Mom! Since becoming a Mom there are things that I didn't realise that I would love so much and things that I didn't even know I was capable of feeling. Especially becoming a first time Mom is something so new that … Continue reading MY FAVOURITE THINGS ABOUT BEING A MOM


I can't believe the last time we went to the lake was two years ago!! Since the pandemic hit there are so many places that we have gone to recently (now that we can) and it makes me realise how long it was until we were last able to go to these places that we … Continue reading THE LAKE


We have a family tradition of seeing David's Grandparents every two weeks and now that we have Jack, we try to visit them once a week if we can find time! Family time has always been so important to us and it is definitely a central part of our relationship. David's Grandparents live in the … Continue reading FIRST BLOSSOM OF THE YEAR!


So one thing I love about where we live is how beautiful it is. I mean, we really do live in such a beautiful part of the world and sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in every day life and forget to just get outside. It sounds so silly but this is the … Continue reading GRAB YOUR MASK AND LET’S GO OUTSIDE!

02.11.2020 – Welcome to the world, my love

01:18 AM on 2nd November 2020 On the 2nd of November we welcomed our little one to our family. Jack was born at 1:18 am and boy have I never felt my heart filled with so much love and glee. David and I are so incredibly happy and over the moon to have our first … Continue reading 02.11.2020 – Welcome to the world, my love


UPDATE: I wrote this before giving birth and I am now looking back at this post with my face beaming! The other day we wore matching sailor themed outfits with our bandanas and David shot these photos in Jack's room when we were messing around and being silly! I have to add these photos - … Continue reading PACKING MY HOSPITAL BAG!

Hospital Bag: Everything you need for your baby

Hurah! The time has finally come for me to pack my little one's hospital bag. Today I am officially 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant with our first baby. I have been umming and ahing about finally getting around to packing his bag, a part of me thinks it’s because packing his bag makes it … Continue reading Hospital Bag: Everything you need for your baby