I thought this would be a fun post since I gave birth to my son when I was relatively young (twenty-four years old) and I know that to a lot of people, that is extremely young to have a child. Lately I see that people are waiting a lot longer to have children, in Europe where I live this seems to definitely be something that women strongly believe in. Having a child later in life appears to be the norm and David and I speak to our friends about having children and they too are extremely against it and want to wait until they are older. I definitely think there are so many myths and so many that I have heard myself when speaking to other people about having children at a younger age. I fully believe that your twenties are the best time to have a baby and I feel so incredibly lucky and happy that David and I embraced our relationship and decided to start our family whilst we are young. Here are the top myths I have heard about being a young Mom (I hope you can take each with laughter and not too seriously!!):

/1. It wasn’t planned

This is definitely one that I hear often and I try not to take too seriously (like most of them) since I think it is so uneducated and rude! David and I knew since the beginning that we wanted to start our family earlier rather than later.

/2. You won’t have enough money

This always seems to be an excuse that I hear as for reasons why not to have children at a younger age. I completely agree that money and finances are difficult, especially when you are young (logically!) but to me it is completely worth the sacrifice of watching what we spend a bit more closely.

/3. You won’t have another baby in the future

Again, going back to my first point, this one is so uneducated but I hear it often. I think people asume that your baby wasn’t planned and therefore you won’t have another.

/4. You won’t be able to travel

I love to hear this one since we have already rented our autocaravan to travel around this Summer with Jack who is six months old! David and I hear this one the most from our close friends and I think it’s ridicuous since as long as you are organised there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to travel with children.

/5. Your relationship as husband and wife will be boring

Our relationship (David and I) has never been stronger since having Jack and I honestly believe that he has made us complete as a family. David and I still have our coffee and breakfast dates (with Jack!) and I love David even more knowing that he gave me our son.

/6. You will leave the baby with his/her Grandparents

Or at nursery/day care instead of looking after him/her in your free time. I haven’t left Jack once since having him at his Grandparents’ house and I genuinely think that soon we should for him to slowly become more used to being around other people without us present.

/7. You won’t take care of him/her as well as older parents

This one is again so ridiculous but I’ve heard it! Parents who are older and younger can be equally irresponsible or responsible as one another.

/8. You won’t be as organized with everything

This one for me is a matter of a personality trait and nothing to do with age! Maturity can come with age but I see many parents who are well into their fourties with newborns who don’t seem half as mature as some of the younger parents I have seen!

/9. You won’t be able to give him/her the life they need

It’s true that babies require an awful lot of expenses but above all they most certainly need a stable and loving home that a young family can provide.

/10. You wasted your youth

This is one that makes me smile since I am so incredibly happy that I had my son so young since I think of when he is a teenager and I will still be relatively young to be able to be active with him and my future children.

I am finishing this post wilst my (almost) six month old son is asleep next to me on our sofa and I can whole-heartedly say that I am so incredibly happy David and I decided to have our son. I wouldn’t change a single thing and I don’t believe in any of these (hence that I called them myths!) I think to be a good Mother or Father comes with love and responsibility that does not come with any age. I would encorage any woman to have a baby when she and her partner feel ready regardless of their age. Finance is definitely more difficult at a younger age but I am so happy about being a young Mother and I can’t wait to be able to spend more time with him and have a lot more energy than if I was older!

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