A few of mine and Jack’s outfits from the last few weeks. I always try to find some part of our outfits that match or just go together well, even if it is just a colour or a pattern. I love picking out outfits for us and finding outfits that look aesthetically well together. The weather had been quite drastic over the last week and there were days of sun and days of thunderstorms and rain and so I feel like looking back most of these outfits were with a raincoat being thrown over the top in mind.

Outfit One: A casual day pottering around the garden

This ended up being the only day that it didn’t end up raining in the afternoon! Jack’s outfit is all from Sainsburys )UK Supermarket) and H&M and my tee is from David’s wardrobe šŸ˜‰ and my shorts are from Ripcurl.

Outfit two: Cloudy beach day outfit

We ended up going to the coast and we were planning to sit on the beach whilst David went kite surfing, so shorts and a tee seemed only practical and obvious! Jack had a light shirt incase it was a bit breezy and not let the sun touch his arms and he actually had a little denim hat that he ended up wearing! Jack is wearing his shirt from Zara and his shorts, too. His body is a short sleeved one from Petit Bateau. I am wearing a Roxy tee with Mango shorts and a Panama hat.

Outfit Three: Late Afternoon outfit

We both put on our biker tees! (Jack’s is Gas Monkey and mine is Triumph) when we stayed on the coast and I love how the pop of red shorts and converse looks.

Outfit Four: A rainy morning

A really casual outfit but I think playing with the different shades and tones of blues makes it a lot more interesting. I love Jack’s knitted cardigan and I couldn’t help but have him wear it twice this week! Whenever there is a bit of colder weather, he always seems to be wearing it! My jacket is Helly Hansen and his is handmade!

Outfit Five: A Cold Morning

Such a cold morning for the start of Summer! Jack’s knitted cardigan made another appearance, along with the matching hat! I had on my Massimo Dutti blazer style jacket with my French Connection furr jacket underneath.

Even though we are planning on having more children, I have always wanted to have boys but the thought of dressing my daughter in similar clothing to me makes me want to have a girl so much more!! I guess it is something that you really get to enjoy when you have a daughter. For now I will enjoy every moment dressing this cheeky little monkey šŸ™‚

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