This year Temps de flors was pretty different due to covid (I am so so so tired of writing this) and the town hall couldn’t do as many decorations since they had to spread all of the displays out over the city. In all honesty, it is the first Temps de flors that we didn’t bother to look at all of the displays. I think seeing that not a lot of effort was put into some of the arrangements, kind of made us feel not in the mood of walking for hours to get to see them all. We did manage to see all of the displays in the centre which is where we used to live and I really enjoyed seeing them and since we went really early in the morning, we saw them without a crowd!

Temps de flors celebration

Temps de flors is basically a kind of flower festival where the town hall invests a lot in decorating historical buildings and squares with flower arrangements. Usually they are creative and have a theme or a message and shops are given flowers to display outside and so you see your city in a very beautiful way!

This year they had the theme of “seasons” and they were split into different sections of the city!

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