Thoughts on baby modelling?

This is quite a random post but I have been contemplating trying to get Jack into doing some modelling since he is so expressive and photogenic! Of course the difficulty comes with trying to keep him still when taking photos to send to companies... I can't help but over think this topic.. its ways a … Continue reading Thoughts on baby modelling?

OLMITOS multifunctional high chair Review

My review on the Olmitos multifunctional high chair, my first impressions and overall thoughts. When Jack started on solids, we started to look around for high chairs. What we quickly found was that you can spend hundreds on a beautiful minimalistic high chair or a cheap plastic one from IKEA. There didn't appear to be … Continue reading OLMITOS multifunctional high chair Review


I chose to get pregnant with my son when I was twenty-four years old and at the time I was nervous to tell my family and friends since it seemed like a very young age to become a Mother but looking back I am so grateful that I did and I would recommend to all … Continue reading WHY I CHOSE TO HAVE MY BABY IN MY EARLY 20s


I thought this would be a fun post since I gave birth to my son when I was relatively young (twenty-four years old) and I know that to a lot of people, that is extremely young to have a child. Lately I see that people are waiting a lot longer to have children, in Europe … Continue reading 10 YOUNG MOM MYTHS


A few of mine and Jack's outfits from the last few weeks. I always try to find some part of our outfits that match or just go together well, even if it is just a colour or a pattern. I love picking out outfits for us and finding outfits that look aesthetically well together. The … Continue reading MOMMY & ME OUTFITS


These are my absolute top essentials for a modern Mom in 2021. Since giving birth to Jack in late 2020 and having done all of my research and trying out so many new products, I finally feel like I have compiled a genuinely helpful list for any Mother who wants modern baby products that actually … Continue reading NEWBORN ESSENTIALS 2021


This weekend we didn't plan to do anything special, or plan anything at all actually. We decided that we would stay around home and our little town and visit Jack's Grandparents and get the house clean and other boring things that have to be done! Last minute we heard that the Grandparents had gone to … Continue reading AN UNEXPECTED WEEKEND


If you're familiar with my blog then you'll know that I had a really difficult birth with Jack and four months on, my recovery is far from over. I was told in December that I would be needing a surgery to completely recover from my birth and to not have pain down there. Hearing this … Continue reading FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS!


There is something so magical about Sundays and that feeling that everything is closed (at least where we live) and it just makes it such a family-lazy day! Sunday's are so special for us as we always start the day a lot slower than usual, even though we do still wake up at 7 AM … Continue reading PUT YOUR PJ’S ON AND SNUGGLE!


Since David has most of his mornings free, I thought I'd share his and Jack's daily routine. I thought it would be more fun to share their routine since it's a lot more playful and they have such a cute connection. Although Jack looks exactly like me, he totally has his Papa's personality and I … Continue reading DAVID & JACK’S ROUTINE!