Our family bath routine and our top products for making bath time fun and easy.

Bath time is our favourite time to relax and take time to cool down and Jack absolutely loves it. Ever since he was born Jack has loved being in water, a part of me thinks its because we were sailing quite often when I was pregnant.

We try to make bath time as fun as possible and sometimes we use our baby bath which is on a stand that we put together in the bathroom with the heat on or if we have a bit more time Jack gets in the bath with us. Now that Jack is six months old bath time is a lot less stressful for us since he can hold himself up rather than one of us having to hold him and the other wash him. Now we focus more on playing with his toys and getting him clean! I’ve listed all of our favourite products below 🙂

/1. Rubber animals

These are an absolute must for us and you can buy them for such reasonable prices (just make sure they are non toxic!!)

/2. Penguin Boat

This is such a cute find by PlanToys and since we love sailing I think it’s a cute detail!

/3. Body Wash

I really love this body wash since it is only natural ingredients and a little seems to go a long way! It doesn’t make too much bubbles and it leaves his skin so soft afterwards.

/4. Shampoo

I don’t really have a favourite shampoo for Jack yet. We tend to go between a few different brands but I haven’t found one that I feel like committing to yet!

/5. Brush

Obviously a must and I love the look of the wooden brushes for kids! This one came in a cute pack with a cute bag to match!

/6. Towel

As a newborn gift (why does everbody seem to gift towels to new Mamas & Papas!?) we got given this personalised towel and I do love it!

/7. Rose Oil

Instead of using any nappy cream I have always sworn by using rose oil since I find it does the job a thousand times better and plus we always have some around the house!

/8. Spray de-tangler

This was an absolute must for us since Jack is still yet to lose any of his baby hair and it tends to get easily tangled at the back!

/9. Moisturiser

I actually use my own moisturiser which is 100% natural!

/10. Face Wash

This face wash is amazing and I find myself using it when I run out of my cleanser!

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