Thoughts on baby modelling?

This is quite a random post but I have been contemplating trying to get Jack into doing some modelling since he is so expressive and photogenic! Of course the difficulty comes with trying to keep him still when taking photos to send to companies... I can't help but over think this topic.. its ways a … Continue reading Thoughts on baby modelling?

OLMITOS multifunctional high chair Review

My review on the Olmitos multifunctional high chair, my first impressions and overall thoughts. When Jack started on solids, we started to look around for high chairs. What we quickly found was that you can spend hundreds on a beautiful minimalistic high chair or a cheap plastic one from IKEA. There didn't appear to be … Continue reading OLMITOS multifunctional high chair Review


A fun blog post about all of the things I love about being a Mom! Since becoming a Mom there are things that I didn't realise that I would love so much and things that I didn't even know I was capable of feeling. Especially becoming a first time Mom is something so new that … Continue reading MY FAVOURITE THINGS ABOUT BEING A MOM


This year Temps de flors was pretty different due to covid (I am so so so tired of writing this) and the town hall couldn't do as many decorations since they had to spread all of the displays out over the city. In all honesty, it is the first Temps de flors that we didn't … Continue reading TEMPS DE FLORS 2021


Our family bath routine and our top products for making bath time fun and easy. Bath time is our favourite time to relax and take time to cool down and Jack absolutely loves it. Ever since he was born Jack has loved being in water, a part of me thinks its because we were sailing … Continue reading OUR BATH ROUTINE: FAVOURITE PRODUCTS


These are my top picks for Billabongs new Summer Season Clothing for 2021. I've put together the best pieces for simple-thrown on Summer outfits that are effortless but look stylish! Browse my top picks below! 🙂 Sweet Sessions Wrap And Roll Dress Sweet For Ya Dress Salty Blonde Beach Party Dress Salty Blonde Northern Lights  … Continue reading BILLABONG SUMMER CLOTHING TOP PICKS