One of the best things about having parents that are from different cultures is that Jack gets to celebrate so many different festivals and holidays. One of them is Sant Jordi. Since his Father is from Catalunya on April 23rd David has the task of finding a rose for me amongst all of the stalls throughout our city and I have the difficult mission to find him a book! The stalls have all kinds of books to choose from and the roses are so incredibly expensive on this day but they make them look so beautiful! It is normal for the son to also buy a rose for his Mother and even Grandmother and so I have even more fun choosing three roses! As for the woman, she must buy a book for her husband/boyfriend and since I now have Jack, I was able to buy his first book for Sant Jordi! You can find the story of Sant Jordi here. Schools always spent the week doing activities for this holiday, such as poem contests and drawing competitions. The main reason that I love this day so much is seeing all of the beautiful stalls and how everybody gathers to give a rose or book for the people they love. There is something really special about seeing the men waiting an hour (sometimes more) to buy a rose for their wife and it gives you a good feeling! Jack also celebrates Saint Valentine since I am from England but Sant Jordi is something special and I feel it still hasn’t lost its authenticity and isn’t a day that shops have taken advantage of for commercial purposes. I wish I would have taken photos of the actual stalls but since there were such strict measures for COVID this year, it was impossible to stand still and take photos and the stalls weren’t half as beautiful as usual!

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