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I thought I would do a three month update since it’s one of those things I’ve always pushed to the bottom of the posts that I’d like to write since I’ve always thought people wouldn’t be interested. I love reading these kinds of posts partly because I love seeing other Mama’s raise their babies and partly because I am probably nosy! Today we went to our local city to finish buying little bits and pieces for Jack’s room and we took some photos that I thought I’d include!

Sleeping & Feeding
I figured I would put the two together since in our case they have gone hand in hand. Since the beginning Jack has had trouble with sleeping. Initially he would sleep in two hour (maximum) naps. Mostly he would be down for an hour and wake. I found this so difficut with my recovery since it took A LOT after my birth and we spoke to Jack’s pediatrician but it didn’t seem to lead anywhere. I soon realised that he wasn’t latching properly and thinking back I don’t know how the nurses or his pediatrician missed that.. partly because they never actually teach you how to breastfeed. Maybe it sounds weird but as a first time Mother nobody ever taught me how to breastfeed and I was learning just as much as he was. We spoke to his pediatrician she suggested we offer him a “help” which was a formula powder and CLICK! Jack was immediately a much happier baby. He was giggling for the first time, sleeping for the first time in long periods and we saw him generally so much happier. I couldn’t believe we had missed that and looking back I feel so guilty to think he was hungry! Now I pump and feed him with his bottle and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s working out.

Jack has the most beautiful personality. He is such a happy and loud baby and he honestly only ever makes a fuss or cries for a genuine reason (he’s over-tired or hungry). He does cry A LOT for attention since his favourite thing is to be held and to play. He is constantly looking to interact with people and he loves smiling and playing with his toys. I love how we are starting to see that he is just like his Mama with his facial expressions – he is always tensing his face and he makes so many goofy ones too! He naturally has SUCH a serious and grumpy/concerned face and I LOVE it! I was always getting into trouble at school for my faces and I just couldn’t help it – I was so expressionate!

Play time
Jack is so playful and he loves his tummy time! Every morning as soon as he wakes up he tries so hard to roll onto his stomach and cries until I help hi.m. As soon as he’s on his stomach he has this beaming smile on his face. I love how he is at the age where he is starting to discover his feet and his hands and that they are connected to his own little body. It sounds so silly and what everybody says but it’s like you live your childhood again when you watch him discover everything for the first time.

Jack’s hair has started to fall out and this month I’ve been calling him Tintin since he’s had one hair that flicks up and even with a bath, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush … the flick of hair remains! I’ll be sad when it’s gone since I got used to having it around!
It sounds silly but I really feel that our relationship as Mother and son has really grown lately and I really see that when I play with him and smile at him, he reacts instantly in such a bubbly and fun way. David and Jack’s relationship is starting to grow but since he is at work during the day, Jack is spending all of his time with me and he is definitely becoming more attached as a result. I can’t wait to start to see their relationship flourish over the next few months!

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