A few of mine and Jack's outfits from the last few weeks. I always try to find some part of our outfits that match or just go together well, even if it is just a colour or a pattern. I love picking out outfits for us and finding outfits that look aesthetically well together. The … Continue reading MOMMY & ME OUTFITS


I recently came across these photos on the camera that we had taken one morning when Jack was a month old. Looking at these photos made me smile so much and seeing them made me realize how much he has already grown (he's only four months now!). Today David and I started to go through … Continue reading MY LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE


I thought I would do a three month update since it's one of those things I've always pushed to the bottom of the posts that I'd like to write since I've always thought people wouldn't be interested. I love reading these kinds of posts partly because I love seeing other Mama's raise their babies and … Continue reading JACK’S THREE MONTH UPDATE!


Hi guys! I'm so excited about sharing this with you, partly because it was a completely random project that I started and because I totally forgot about it until recently! Throughout my pregnancy I started scrapbooking and I made my own DIY pregnancy book. Since we were in lockdown I had a lot of time … Continue reading DIY PREGNANCY SCRAPBOOK