Hi guys! I’m so excited about sharing this with you, partly because it was a completely random project that I started and because I totally forgot about it until recently!

Throughout my pregnancy I started scrapbooking and I made my own DIY pregnancy book. Since we were in lockdown I had a lot of time on my hands and I thought it would be such a fun and memorable thing to have since usually everything is to document the baby and not the Mama!! I didn’t actually take photos making the book since it was over a long period of time and kind of random actually.. just a project I was doing on the side but I love how it turned out so I thought I would share it with you guys.

I made the book from complete scrap (including making the binding myself) and I ordered all of my paper online and the card inserts too. Recently I sat down to start filling it out since Jack has been here for three months and I just hadn’t had time to actually start writing in it! David took some photos as I was looking at the book (I had actually completely forgotten about it until David asked me if I had been writing in it) and I think they turned out well!

For each page I used a different paper which each had different patterns and designs and I played with making little pockets that would have inserts of different size and shapes of paper. I thought this would be fun to put different dates or milestones that he reached with the photos on the same page. I took photos of each page so you can get a better idea and hopefully some inspiration!! If you try anything like this or have already made one, please link it in the comments below as I would love to see it!

Step-by-step // page-by-page

Front cover

I decided to go for a light blue since Jack is a baby boy and I just generally like this colour (I probably would have chosen the same if it was a girl) and I originally didn’t add the side detail with the string/bow but I felt like it was missing a little something. I really like how the front cover came out and I was debating for the longest time if I should include David’s name on the front cover too but I finally thought no! This is MY pregnancy book!

Opening page

You will see that the book has a mix of Catalan and Spanish since Catalan is my second language (my husband is Catalan) and it is really difficult to get a hold of scrapbook materials in Catalan so I opted for Spanish too. Here I have included David’s name and I thought this little image of the couple was so cute as well as the little animals! Here it’s so fun to play with diferent textures and colours and I honestly had so much fun.

First page // ecography scans

This little pocket fits all four of my scans that I had and on the side it says “es un nen” which means “it’s a boy” and I’m planning to put a photo from the day we announced the gender to our families.

Second page

To be honest I didn’t have any fixed idea on what I wanted on each page, I just knew that I wanted to put different pictures that we had taken throughout my pregnancy and pictures of his room etc. to remind us how we prepared everything before he arrived. I think (and I already feel this way and he’s only three months) that it’s so easy to quickly forget how the rush before of making and putting together his room and getting his clothes and I LOVED that feeling of picking out his first outfits and putting his blankets on his new crib.. these are moments I never want to forget when he gets bigger.

Third page

I thought it would be fun to include a page about Mama and Papa to remind us what we were doing and what we were like during the time he was born! Especially since I change my jobs quite a lot since moving to Spain and I want to be remember these small details.

Fourth page

I wanted to include his name in a fun way and I thought this was cute! When I made this I was only three and a half months in to my pregnancy and we were going back and forth with several names and so I was a bit nervous and skeptical to put a name but I think really we knew his name all along we were just scared to commit to one!

Page five

Again, another fun way to include his name! I love these alphabet letters and I thought they were so cute.

Page six

On some pages I wanted to make sure that I had room for adding important information and details in a fun way and so this is what I did over the next few pages with more pockets with little pieces of card to write down any key dates or moments throughout my pregnancy. For example, the date we revealed that we were pregnant to our families and the day we found out ourseleves!

Page seven

This image of the Papa with the baby was too cute not to include! I think it would be so sweet to include details about how I remember my husband during my pregnancy. For example, a year and a half before we got pregnant, I saw some baby shoes when we were on holiday and I commented how cute they were and he bought them in secret and gifted them to me when we got home. I think the day Jack wears them I will burst into tears since they hold such a sentimental value.

Page eight & nine

Again, not very exciting but just including pages to add information but changing the paper and background each time!

Phew! That’s my entire pregnancy scrapbook! Please please please let me know if you have done one yourself and link it below so we can share!! I love to make these kinds of things and I love to see how creative different people are!



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