I saw this post circulating online and I thought it sounded so fun!.. especially since at the moment Jack is at the age where we have so many special moments. This week we spent the weekend at our apartment on the coast and walked around and had a takeout from our favourite Italian restaurant. We also visited David’s Grandparents since they are both quite sick and they haven’t been doing so well lately and it was so nice for them to spend time with Jack. I absolutely love seeing the joy it brings his Grandmother when she gets to hold her great grandson. I think it must be such an amazing feeling to be able see your great grandchild!! Other than that, we spent the rest of the week at home and doing our usual routine!

Here are the things that have made me smile this week:

//1. David and Jack built their first Lego!!!

This sounds so strange and silly but I am so happy for David that him and Jack got to “build” their first lego set together. I mean, technically Jack can’t “build” anything but they had their moment and it was so magical. David is always ordering and building Lego, ever since he was a young child he has loved building and playing with them and he has always spoke about when he has a child he can’t wait to be able to play Lego with him or her. I was so genuinley happy to see him that content and it is a photo we will keep forever! By the way Jack had this little piece of hair that flicked out the entire week… he decided to appear and he stayed the entire week!! He deserves his own photo if you ask me but I thought I’d include him!


On the weekends we like to take the mornings to relax and spend time as a family and I love laying around having kisses and cuddles with these two! We spent around two hours getting ready to go on our walk as we kept being silly with Jack since he was in such a giggly mood! He also got this new cute jumper from his Grandparents on the weekend which I think looks so stylish and makes him look like such a big boy!


I do try to get out for at least an hour a day with Jack at the moment since the weather is getting nicer during the week to get us both some fresh air, but this weekend we sat out on the balcony that overlooks the beach. It was so peaceful and we realised that it was the first time that we have ever sat outside with Jack before since it’s always been a bit too chilly! It felt amazing to just forget about work and sit together as a family and enjoy the sunshine.


Taking the time out to enjoy as a family, I realised that David and Jack’s relationship is starting to grow and it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. The way that Jack is starting to fixate on David makes my heart melt and David is so amazing with Jack, their relationship is something so beautiful and I feel like such a lucky Mama!


Where we live we celebrated Carnival this week and we decided to turn Jack into a Lumberjack!! It was so so fun and even though Jack is only three months, we really enjoyed dressing him up and taking these photos. I can’t wait for next year when he will be able to enjoy it with us more.



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