Here is a list of all of the items that I carry around with me in my diaper bag! First off, my “diaper bag” that I use is the Le Pliage by Longhcamp and it definitely is a “luxury” diaper bag and definitely on the small side! I really like the way that it looks and I love that it’s a backpack and not one that attaches to the pushchair since we use the baby carrier way more. It’s also super versatile as I can wear it at night and it looks really classy and stylish! Not only that, but it looks a lot less “in-your-face” and bright than your conventional diaper bag. What I guess I’m really trying to say (if you haven’t figured already) is that I really like my bag!

I don’t see the need to over pack when it comes to carrying a diaper bag since there are only certain essentials that you actually need. I’ve never really overpacked with Jack, I think because I always have in the back of my head (as my father-in-law always says) that as long as he is clean, fed and warm he will be happy!

Every time we go out, it is usually for at least half of the day and so obviously Jack will need a spare set of clothing, a jacket/jumper, diapers and wipes. Those are the absolute minimal essentials. I also like to pack some toys, his dummy (if it’s not already in his mouth!), rose oil (instead of diaper cream) and at least a bib or a muselin cloth. Here are some photo’s that my husband took when we were putting his extra jacket in my bag before we headed out for a coffee and a walk. I actually always keep at least one spare body and trousers or sleepsuit in my bag just incase he has an accident or he’s not comfortable in whatever it is he’s wearing.

A big thanks to Mr Jack and my husband for appearing this week and helping set everything up to take these photos (they’re so cute!)

His clothes are from petit bateau and sefra in these photos. His bunny comforter is from the little white company and his whale is from Moulin Roty.

I keep planning to make a post of links to websites that I buy Jack’s clothes since I get asked quite a lot. Once I get round to posting it, I’ll add a link here!

Lot’s of love,


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