I can't get over how beautiful these photos turned out! David and I had seen so many yellow fields in the last few weeks when we were going out and I kept saying how I would love to go and take a few photos with Jack to keep as a memory and we never got … Continue reading SPRING FIELDS


This weekend we didn't plan to do anything special, or plan anything at all actually. We decided that we would stay around home and our little town and visit Jack's Grandparents and get the house clean and other boring things that have to be done! Last minute we heard that the Grandparents had gone to … Continue reading AN UNEXPECTED WEEKEND


If you're familiar with my blog then you'll know that I had a really difficult birth with Jack and four months on, my recovery is far from over. I was told in December that I would be needing a surgery to completely recover from my birth and to not have pain down there. Hearing this … Continue reading FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS!


There is something so magical about Sundays and that feeling that everything is closed (at least where we live) and it just makes it such a family-lazy day! Sunday's are so special for us as we always start the day a lot slower than usual, even though we do still wake up at 7 AM … Continue reading PUT YOUR PJ’S ON AND SNUGGLE!


I recently came across these photos on the camera that we had taken one morning when Jack was a month old. Looking at these photos made me smile so much and seeing them made me realize how much he has already grown (he's only four months now!). Today David and I started to go through … Continue reading MY LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE


COAT: UNIQLO // BOOTS: DUNE LONDON // JEANS: MASSIMO DUTTI // JUMPER: ZARA // BEAR SUIT: H&M KIDS // JUMPER: PATAGONIA // HAT: BRIXTON LONDON // SUNGLASSES: RAYBAN Since David has a relatively relaxed timetable at work this year, we decided that on Friday morning after breakfast that we would head to one of our … Continue reading A QUIET AFTERNOON BY THE PIER

DIY at home newborn photo shoot

Since our son was born during the COVID pandemic, the idea of going to a professional studio or even doing a private photo shoot at the photographers house seemed bizarre and quite frankly terrifying. Aside from that, if you have read my other posts about getting fired from my job since I was pregnant and … Continue reading DIY at home newborn photo shoot