Last weekend was Jack's Christening and we decided to have a small ceremony and keep it nice and simple. Having the COVID pandemic definitely adds to wanting less people but I do think it is an excuse! I knew that I wanted his outfit to be sailor themed and when we came across this one … Continue reading JACK’S CHRISTENING

The Bobike ONE Mini First Impressions

Shortly after Jack was born, David and I were searching the Internet for baby bike seats since we are both very active and naturally we wanted to find a product that would make it easy for us to get around with Jack when we go traveling during the summer on our bikes. We came across … Continue reading The Bobike ONE Mini First Impressions


A fun blog post about all of the things I love about being a Mom! Since becoming a Mom there are things that I didn't realise that I would love so much and things that I didn't even know I was capable of feeling. Especially becoming a first time Mom is something so new that … Continue reading MY FAVOURITE THINGS ABOUT BEING A MOM


We look so goofy in these photos and I love it! Sometimes unplanned weekends are the best weekends. We ended up having our lunch outside in the garden and going for an afternoon walk as the weather has been so nice lately. It's the perfect weather for Jack to be in his long sleeved t-shirt … Continue reading MATCHING LEVI’S!