All of the things I recently picked up from Zara for their new Summer collection featuring Peanuts. David and I went in to our local Zara shop and at first we weren't that impressed with the new collection but then we saw the Zara and PEANUTS collaboration and ended up buying tshirts that Jack definitely … Continue reading ZARA SUMMER 2021 BABY HAUL (PEANUTS COLLECTION)


I thought this would be a fun post since I gave birth to my son when I was relatively young (twenty-four years old) and I know that to a lot of people, that is extremely young to have a child. Lately I see that people are waiting a lot longer to have children, in Europe … Continue reading 10 YOUNG MOM MYTHS


A few of mine and Jack's outfits from the last few weeks. I always try to find some part of our outfits that match or just go together well, even if it is just a colour or a pattern. I love picking out outfits for us and finding outfits that look aesthetically well together. The … Continue reading MOMMY & ME OUTFITS


Since Davids' parents recently bought a Harley, we have been wanting to take some silly photos with David and Jack together on it! Coupled with their cute faces and Jack's harley bodysuit, I think they turned out so well! There is something about a such a little human wearing a t-shirt that you wouldn't expect … Continue reading DAVID & JACK ON THE HARLEY!!


So I'm going to be doing a few different editions to these since they have SO many fun pieces for babies/toddlers and I felt like I had to share them with you guys. These t-shirts are all fun and contain slogans or images from famous movies/songs and I think they're such a great present or … Continue reading FUN SLOGAN BABY T-SHIRTS (BLACK EDITION)


Our family bath routine and our top products for making bath time fun and easy. Bath time is our favourite time to relax and take time to cool down and Jack absolutely loves it. Ever since he was born Jack has loved being in water, a part of me thinks its because we were sailing … Continue reading OUR BATH ROUTINE: FAVOURITE PRODUCTS


One of my favourite things to do is to put Jack in outfits that I have picked out. It's something that I've always loved to do with my own clothing, choosing outfits and putting them together and paying attention to small details (even matching the socks!) and it's something that has always made me happy. … Continue reading SUNDAY BEST


I can't get over how beautiful these photos turned out! David and I had seen so many yellow fields in the last few weeks when we were going out and I kept saying how I would love to go and take a few photos with Jack to keep as a memory and we never got … Continue reading SPRING FIELDS


These are my absolute top essentials for a modern Mom in 2021. Since giving birth to Jack in late 2020 and having done all of my research and trying out so many new products, I finally feel like I have compiled a genuinely helpful list for any Mother who wants modern baby products that actually … Continue reading NEWBORN ESSENTIALS 2021


During the Easter break we took Jack to one of our favourite restaurants early in the morning in hopes that it wouldn't be crowded full of people and much to our surprise we were the only people there so we had a coffee. I was so surprised how warm it was so early in the … Continue reading EASTER BREAK