Ten points if you knew the title is a song from Jack Johnson! Yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with our day today but for some reason I had it in my head as I was uploading the photos!

We decided to go out on the boat for one of the first times with Jack (the last time he slept through it!) and it was so much fun! We actually went out to watch the fireworks that they were supposed to have a display at a nearby town but in the end they got cancelled due to the COVID but we had a good time anyway!

Jack has always loved the water and doesn’t mind at all the motion of the boat when there are waves (unlike his Mama) and I’m convinced its because we were sailing whilst I was pregnant (or at least part of the reason) Now tourism season has started to die down and things seem a bit calmer with the COVID, David and I are plannig to take Jack to the local swimming pool.

For now, sailing on the boat is perfect!

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