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After having an amazing evening in Los Picos de Europa, we felt dissapointed that we weren’t able to stay overnight due to the amount of tourists entering the parks during the summer so we drove an hour to Cabrales to do a hike in the morning. We decided not to do any of the famous hikes since they all required buses and were absolutely heaving with tourists. Since Jack is only nine months we wanted to keep it calm and do a short hike before heading to the next place.

Firstly, we took a look in the Cueva el Cares to see the cheese caves which is just next to the path we ended up taking for the hike. There were two paths and we took the one that lead to an abandoned village which was really scenic and green (although there were definitely one or two houses that appeared to be lived in or at least in the process of being rebuilt) We walked back to the town and bought some cheese (what else would you buy in Asturias?)

After trying our new cheese for lunch we headed to Ribadesella to walk around. I wasn’t expecting that much from the town but we ended up really liking it and the path that goes around to the port is so well done and the view across to the other side of the sea is absolutely beautiful. The town itself is very well taken care of and it wasn’t overcrowded at all for being July. One thing David and I definitely noticed was that the people in this town specifically were a lot more cold and didn’t seem to want tourism (protest signs in the streets and the general attitude from staff in shops) compared to the rest of Asturias. I have to say that as a town though, it is definitely worth taking a walk around, perhaps like we did it just for an hour or two since there isn’t much to see.

Finally, we headed to Gijón since we had heard a lot about it and everybody seemed to recommend visiting (perhaps since it is one of the main costal towns in Asturias) but we were extremely disapointed. The city itself was quite plain and didn’t seem to have much to see other than the sea front and the main cathedral. We spent a few hours walking around the main plaza and the centre but we ended up having a coffee and going to have a burger next to a shopping mall and heading to bed!

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