OLMITOS multifunctional high chair Review

My review on the Olmitos multifunctional high chair, my first impressions and overall thoughts.

When Jack started on solids, we started to look around for high chairs. What we quickly found was that you can spend hundreds on a beautiful minimalistic high chair or a cheap plastic one from IKEA. There didn’t appear to be any in-between. I spent ages researching chairs between 100-150 euros since this was our limit and we came across this one by chance in our local baby shop.

When we first saw this chair in the shop, we noticed how modern it looks but with a fair price tag. Another thing that stood out is that the chair is a 3-in-1 in the way that it can adapt with the child whilst they grow. Whilst we weren’t specifically looking for this feature, it was an added bonus.

The chair itself is aesthetically very beautiful, especially compared to the typical plastic chairs. Although the chair is made of plastic, it is made to look like it has wooden legs, but being made of plastic makes it easy to clean. I think the chair has a modern look and you can easily change the grey inserts to another colour if you want to change to a different look.

I like how the tray slides and locks in and doesn’t feel flimsy. The tray comes with a removable silicone protection which is so easy to take off and clean. The seat itself is well padded and seems comfortable.

I don’t see the chair as ever in the way in the kitchen and the fact it looks so simple and minimalistic doesn’t scream baby chair since it does have the wooden legs and the upper part is white.

Overall, I love the minimalistic look that this high chair and is such a reasonable price compared to the other chairs on the market.

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