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After sleeping in the centre of Santander last night, we woke up and were shocked to feel the sudden difference in temperature outside. We came from high 30s to suddenly low 20s. We headed towards the city centre to see what was around.

Heading to the city centre

At first we came across cathedrals and churches before we sat down to have a coffee and we decided to head towards the port.

For me, the most beautiful part of the city is the port. The architecture of the museum at the front, with the gardens along the side is something unique about the city

After Santander, we headed back inland to see Los Picos de Europa. This is one of the stops that we were looking forward to the most! We arrived and we were so disappointed to learn that cars are prohibited to go up to the lakes until 9pm. We waited and drove up and it was so worth it to see the sunset!

Be prepared for an overload of photos!

This will definitely be one of the most magical moments that we will share as a family. Standing on top of a mountain, in-between two lakes, just before sunrise, very few people…

During the summer months they don’t allow cars to go up to the lakes until after 9pm. They offer buses during the day for large groups of people to go up, we preferred not to since the COVID is still high in numbers and so we saw it at night and the next day we went on a walk in another area in Los Picos!

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