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Logroño in the morning after we slept

Day one of our road trip started off by waking up in Logroño after a long drive from Girona yesterday afternoon. We arrived here just before midnight and unpacked our clothes and headed to bed.

Walking along the Ebro

In the morning we got up around 7AM for Jack’s feeding and got changed and headed to the city centre. We found this parking in the city centre which a lot of other campers were staying in which was great and meant we had a ten minute walk to the city centre via the river Ebro (if you want to see exact locations and where we stayed/ate check out my full blog post on this).

Logroño Cathedral
Logroño Cathedral

We grabbed our coffee, saw the cathedral and headed back towards our caravan and headed towards Santander.

Just before you enter the park, there is a caravan parking next to a beautiful lake so we pulled up and had lunch

Our first stop for the day is the Animal Reserve! The animal reserve is located in Santander, around 30 minutes from the centre and its a park where animals can roam free inside their enclosed areas and you can drive through with your car or caravan and stop at each animal you wish to see.

After the park, we headed to Santander, to the city centre to park to sleep for the night. Our plan for tomorrow is to explore Santander and prepare to head for the Picos de Europa in the evening!

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