I chose to get pregnant with my son when I was twenty-four years old and at the time I was nervous to tell my family and friends since it seemed like a very young age to become a Mother but looking back I am so grateful that I did and I would recommend to all young women that if they are able and ready, it is the perfect age to start their family!

First off, I met my husband and from the get-go we both knew that we wanted children and we knew that we wanted to start our family pretty soon. My husband being six years older than me, he was very eager to start having children as he imagines having quite a few! I was apprehensive at first but I was always sure that since we would always end up together and we would have kids at some point, why not? I know it sounds crazy and almost immature to not think about the bigger picture that everybody paints when they hear, “when are you having a baby?” The finances, the loss of time, not enough travelling, lack of commitment etc.

In the end we were both sure and I ended up finding I was pregnant when I had pretty much just turned twenty-four a couple months prior and we were over the moon. After going to various doctor appointments and reading online about all of the different symptoms that I would be feeling, I was anxious but so so excited! As a whole, my biggest reasons that I support and encourage starting your family at a young age are the following (from my personal experience):

/1. You are physically more fit (or likely to be)

Pretty much the best part for me over all for a mountain of reasons – having a fit body physically means your body is better prepared and most likely your entire birth journey will be easier. This was amazing for me to still be going on hikes at 8 months pregnant in pretty warm weather still and being able to cope!

/2. Less risk with pregnancy

I was so lucky to not have any risks or bumps at any of our appointments! This isn’t always the case but it definitely proves that being younger means you are more likely to not have a pregnancy assessed as “risk” or “high risk”

/3. Better chance of getting pregnant

In general it is easier to get pregnant if you are younger! This can help with planning when it comes to looking at when you would like to have your baby (we knew we wanted ours in the winter months!)

/4. Benefits when baby arrives

I definitely feel like I have a lot more energy than my family and friends who have had babies in their 30s and 40s and I love being able to play with my son and not feel absolutely exhausted very easily!

/5. The idea of being around longer

Life doesn’t always lead the way you think, but the idea that I will be 50 when my son turns 25 is comforting to hear and it makes me happy to know that I will be not very old. We have a friend who is getting prengnat now at 45 and when I think that they will be 70 when their child is 25 makes me kind of nervous.

These are just my top reasons and I totally understand that there are many pros of having a baby later in life (such as finances and stability) but this lifestyle is something that works for me and my family and we are happy. I definitely think that every woman should choose when she wants and is ready to have a baby as well as her husband or partner as each individual can only know when they are ready. I hope I don’t offend anybody by this post as it is not my intention!

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