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My complete and honest review of the baby carrier one by BABYBJÖRN.

Since giving birth to my first baby, I was always interested in different ways to soothe my son and I quickly realised that he constantly wanted to be held and I couldn’t keep up with it! I looked into different carriers and I tried a baby wrap and I absolutely hated it. I was completely put off the idea of carrying my son since I didn’t feel that the carrier was secure and I felt constantly uncomfortable.

I ended up coming across the baby carrier one and ordered it along with the thermal sleeping bag that clips on. My first impression was how easy it was to adjust the strap to your babies height and I completely fell in love with it. My husband and I began to use the bag around the house when Jack was just a few months old and we were able to get him to calm down and sleep an awful lot more. It was such a relief to find a product that would help us feel so much more at ease since Jack really wasn’t sleeping since we came home from the hospital. At first, David was the one using the bag since I was still recovering from my birth. I have rounded up my top pros and cons of the bag to help any of you that are thinking about purchasing the bag.


/1. Ease of use

It really is simple to adjust the strap to the height of your baby and the clips are easy to facilitate.

/2. Sense of security for you and your baby

This was the big one for me. My baby always feels secure and I know that the clips are all safe and nothing will happen when we go on walks.

/3. Colour options/designs

I opted for the dark grey mesh design but there are so many different colours and now even different designs.

/4. Easy to clean

The material makes the bag so easy to clean from milk/food spills

/5. Overall aesthetics

Overall I genuinely think this bag looks good. I often say to my husband when we see other couples carrying their babies in different bags how much I like ours and how it looks. It looks simple but expensive.


/1. Usage

The only fault I can possibly think of is that can hold a maximum of 15 kgs. BABYBJÖRN estimates that this is around 3 years old which I agree is pretty long but its the only fault I can pick!

I hope that you found this information useful and if you have also purchased the bag or are thinking about it, let me know what you think about it! Now that my son is eight months and we are about to go on a walking holiday, my husband and I have recently purchased a baby backpack for hikes. Check out my full review of this bag on my blog!

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