Last weekend was Jack’s Christening and we decided to have a small ceremony and keep it nice and simple. Having the COVID pandemic definitely adds to wanting less people but I do think it is an excuse! I knew that I wanted his outfit to be sailor themed and when we came across this one with the bow tie, I loved it. We bought him some moccasin shoes to go with it but he ended up almost throwing them in the bath during the ceremony so they were quickly taken off!

David and I then tried to match our outfits to his two colours: dark blue and white. David was able to find his outfit pretty much right away but I really struggled to find a dress that fitted me well since after giving birth the baby weight is difficult to make it look flattering. In the end, I’m happy with how our outfits looked and how the day turned out.

Jack was on his best behaviour and even when the priest poured cold water down his back, he didn’t shout (too much!) He was a lot quieter througout the service than I thought he would be but by the end all he wanted to do was play footise with the bath in the church! It was such a shame that David’s Grandparents couldn’t come to the service since they haven’t been in good health and my Grandfather lives too far away but like with everything there are always photos and videos to show.

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