The Bobike ONE Mini First Impressions

Shortly after Jack was born, David and I were searching the Internet for baby bike seats since we are both very active and naturally we wanted to find a product that would make it easy for us to get around with Jack when we go traveling during the summer on our bikes.

We came across a few different brands that each had their own concept and idea of baby seats and we fell in love when we saw the Bobike ONE Mini model and from there we purchased it when Jack was just two months old!

We have finally been able to put it to use and test it out before our holiday this summer to make sure Jack is ready! I thought I would do an initial impressions post and I will update you after our holidays to see how we got on!

Well I have to say Jack absolutely loved it and it looked even better than what I was expecting! Here is a quick rundown of my first impressions:

/1. It looks absolutely amazing

/2. I love that Jack is at the front of the bike and we can see him at all times

/3. The shield at the front was an add on but an absolute MUST for mosquitoes!

/4. Jack was was comfortable and loves the seat

/5. The straps are so soft and don’t irriate Jack’s neck (this always happens with pushchairs, high chair straps)

/6. The back of the seat is a lot harder than I imagined it would be

/7. There doesn’t appear to be a lot of space for Mama or Papa’s legs after mounting the seat

These are my first impressions and I will definitely let you know how we get on! We can’t wait to take the bikes seat this summer in the caravan and go traveling and put it to use!

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