After having Jack in Lupilu diapers by Lidl, I thought I would give an honest review.

Now I am nothing but a fan for the clothing for kids at Lidl. For me, they are amazing quality and the price is incredible. We have started shopping in Lidl just to go and check out the new kids clothing every week!

I decided to pick up some of these diapers since they are literally half the price that we currently pay for Do dot and I wanted to see if they would work as well. I saw so many Mama’s buying these nappies and I was so excited to open the pack and see what they were like!

In short, I do regret buying them. Here are my reasons why and what you should consider buying beforehand:

/1. You will have to change the diapers way more often

/2. The absorbent material insert is so thin

/3. You have to fit the diapers tight due to the material being flimsy

/4. They are smaller than most diapers

Now I’m left with three boxes of Lidl diapers that I will have to somehow try and use. I have bought our normal Do dot brand for night time in order to avoid him wetting through his pjs and waking up during the night.

I will leave my review on a positive note since I do genuinely love Lidl as a brand for children’s clothing and in general their products. At the same time of purchasing his diapers, I purchased some of their wipes which were also a fraction of the price I pay for the Huggies ones that I use and I prefer them. For me, they are a lot more hydrating and thin which I love. For my husband, he finds that they dry out easily and they are oily and he doesn’t like the fact that they are thin! So in the end I guess it just depends on what you are looking for or your preference!

I hope that this review was somewhat useful and I will be posting more of these on here!!

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