I think it’s fair to say that I fell into the typical first time Mom trap when buying toys for my baby. That is, anything that was cute, mostly teddies and basically anythung furry and cuddly would find it’s way into our home. Fast forward six months, and I think I’ve pretty much nailed the toys that my six month old actually uses (if not on a daily basis but on a weekly basis) rather than sitting in his wardrobe or displayed beautifully on a shelf but will never be used!

These aren’t even half of Jack’s toys, but they are the toys that we actually regularly reach for and Jack genuinely plays with and loves. He has played with most of these from 3 months onwards.

What to look for when buying toys for 6 months and under

I look for a few things:

A) Colourful items

B) Sensory elements

C) Easy to travel with

D) Materials that won’t hurt if he hits his head (trust me, it happens a lot!)

E) Anything that makes noise is a bonus

Why is this criteria important for my baby?

It sounds silly but your baby will want to play with toys that are attractive (being bright and colourful) and have different materials to explore (sensory elements). Having smaller toys makes it a lot easier to store them and when you are traveling! I try to stay away from plastics since my baby seems to get excited and throws them around and we avoid tears this way! Lately as he has reached the six month mark, he definitely enjoys toys that make sounds a lot more and are interactive.

Here are Jack’s toys:

Lilliptiens hand toys

These three hand-sized toys are definitely both ours and Jack’s favourite toys. He always has at least one in his crib, one on the sofa and one in his pushchair. We can’t travel without them and they are the perfect size for him to explore and hold!

PLAN TOYS car key chain

These car keys are another perfect size for Jack to play with and I love that they are wooden. They also can be bought with the wooden car which we also have! I prefer the keys since for his age they are a lot easier to hold and the faces on the keys are such a cute detail!

Lilliputiens sensory book

This is our favourite sensory book that we have found. I love the materials and how bright the book is. I genuinely like the quality of this book and I don’t think Jack would be able to pull it apart. I purchased a similar book from Done by Deer and Jack managed to pull it to pieces after a few uses (plus it was double the price as this one!)

These are all of our favourite toys! From top left to right:

Plan toys mirror, Moulin Roty owl, Lilliputiens Cesar dog, Pecan piano, Plan toys key chain, Done by Deer book, Lilliputiens hand toys, Plan toys car, Giraffe wrist rattle, Moulin Roty whale, knitted octopus, Lilliputiens book

Moulin Roty whale

This whale is so beautifully made and I love the colours! When you shake it, it has a bell/shaker sound that isn’t that annoying to hear after half an hour! This is a brand that I really like as I find that the toys are beautifully made BUT also useful for the baby

Knitted Octopus

We bought this octopus almost two years before getting pregnant from a tiny boutique in St. Ives and I love it! My baby loves the thick knitted material and the noise it makes when you rattle it

Ball and piano

The ball is still quite large for my baby and he has only started to use it in the last few weeks but he absolutely loves the bright colours. As for the piano, it used to be attached to a mat that he managed to pull to pieces. This wasn’t through bad quality but it was a hand me down from my sister in law and my baby would play on this for literally hours every day since he was three months old! One of his absolute favourite toys.

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