A fun blog post about all of the things I love about being a Mom!

Since becoming a Mom there are things that I didn’t realise that I would love so much and things that I didn’t even know I was capable of feeling. Especially becoming a first time Mom is something so new that nobody can prepare you for and there is no amount of words to describe the things you will feel. This is just a fun way to document all of these things!

1. Feeling love for another little human

Don’t underestimate how much and how capable you are of loving your little one so much!

2. Feeling like you have another piece of your husband/partner

And of course yourself, too! I love to see parts of my husband and myself in our son and I can’t wait to see his personality grow.

3. Watching him learn and grow every single day

When I think and look back at how much my son has developed, I can’t help but smile.

4. The feeling you get when they smile at you after a long day

This is by far one of the best parts about being a Mom. When my son smiles at me I forget all of the hours I have been awake and not had a second to myself!

5. Watching his relationships develop

Seeing how my sons relationships with other people, especially my husband, makes me so incredibly happy.

6. How silly he can be never fails to make me laugh

Whether it’s throwing his bowl of sweet potato on the floor or pulling out his Grandma’s hearingaid, he never fails to make me laugh!

7. Seeing how innocent he is

It sounds silly but seeing his innocence reminds you of what it’s like to be a child, as chlique as it sounds!

8. Realising that he is happy to be your baby

It sounds silly but seeing your baby happy and content sometimes reminds you that you aren’t that bad of a Mother after all!

9. Being able to interact and play

As my son has passed his five months, he is starting to be a lot more playful and able to interact a lot more which I love!

10. That baby talk!

Hearing baby talk and all of those high pitched laughs and screams is the sweetest thing.

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