All of the things I recently picked up from Zara for their new Summer collection featuring Peanuts.

David and I went in to our local Zara shop and at first we weren’t that impressed with the new collection but then we saw the Zara and PEANUTS collaboration and ended up buying tshirts that Jack definitely does not need!

Since we are going away in a motorhome in July I think these tshirts will be so useful. I love how they are quite wide as they give an effortless beach kind of look that I think they were going for. The back of the tshirts are definitely more fun than the front which I feel is quite a shame since Jack is too young to be able to show the back off as he can’t walk but it’s available I think up until 5/6 years (he can match with his older cousins 😉 )

Another PEANUTS piece we picked up were these American style shorts that I absolutely love. The colours and Snoopy with the surf board scream summer vacation!!

This hoodie is from their surfing kind of collection that I saw and at first glance I was really excited but after looking closely at a lot of the items I wasn’t that much of a fan. I do on the other hand absolutely love this one with the contrast of the yellow and blue against the white hoodie.

Zara you did well!! I can’t wait to put Jack in these effortless but stylish clothing this summer! And the price for each piece was never over €10.99 for the PEANUTS collection and the hoodie was €15.00. I feel that the hoodie is quite expensive for a young baby but I couldn’t resist 😉

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