Since Davids’ parents recently bought a Harley, we have been wanting to take some silly photos with David and Jack together on it! Coupled with their cute faces and Jack’s harley bodysuit, I think they turned out so well!

There is something about a such a little human wearing a t-shirt that you wouldn’t expect at such an age that makes it so much sweeter. Especially with the signature orange colour of the tee, which I originally thought since Jack is a little whitey like his Mama that he wouldn’t be able to pull of colours, but he totally does! I surprised myself as I usually don’t like to see young children in bright colours since I think it looks quite tacky and usually doesn’t look well put together, but since having Jack I am realising that he looks beautiful in colours and sometimes its fun for little ones to wear bright things!

Since I take quite a lot of photos lately after starting this blog, I always think about how I can’t wait for Jack to be able to look back at them all when he is older and see how not only he was but his parents, too. I think these photos of him and his Papa on the Harley will be very special for Jack since they are so fun and different!

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