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I’ve been writing on this blog here for almost six months and I’ve always felt that my blog lacked my personality and my true self was never shown in my posts nor my photos. I want to make an effort to really put in everything I have to get my ideas across and show my personality since I love all things style and fashion and I find it so difficult to express this well on here. Apart from this, I feel that I have never really introduced myself or explained who I am and what I am about!

My name is Grace and I am twenty-five years old and I have a six month old son with my husband David. Ever since I was a young girl I knew I wanted to become a Mother. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to be but I knew for certain that becoming a Mother was a part of my plan. I met David when I was on a leave from my university in London and I travelled to Spain to work as a teacher for a year to breathe a little from my degree. I ended up absolutely hating this place and the people and I decided to move. It turns out that the universe had a different plan as I met David two days after deciding to quit and leave back to London and I never returned to my apartment (which was across the street from his) and moved in with him since day one. In general I don’t believe in fate that much but one thing I know is that fate had a hand in our meeting and our relationship.

I lived most of my life in a small town back in England and I moved to London to pursue a career in Linguistics & Neuroscience in London. I absolutely love anything to do with languages, especially studying second langugae acquisition in children and I can’t wait to see my son learn multiple languages as he grows. Since I now live in northern Spain and my husband is Catalan, we speak Catalan and English as a family and I am still trying to become absolutely fluent in Catalan but I am getting there!

I originally started my blog when I found myself in a very low moment in my life that I haven’t yet completely opened up about on my blog. I found myself living in a place where the people didn’t welcome me and I wasn’t able to communicate with them and I felt helpless. I am slowly overcoming this and I would love to write a post about being alienated by people in a foreign country.

I love anything to do with fashion and style and I can spend hours putting outfits together. One of my favourite things is to travel with David around and I LOVE nosing in the local shops to see whats different and pick up some new pieces along the way. One day I hope to design my own clothing for Mamas and babies as this is something I am extremely passionate about. I spend every morning putting Jack’s outfit together even if we are staying home, it’s something that makes me happy! I love neutral colours and cooler tones and nothing too loud (ok sometimes its fun!) and I am a sucker for anything with stripes.

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