One of my favourite things to do is to put Jack in outfits that I have picked out. It’s something that I’ve always loved to do with my own clothing, choosing outfits and putting them together and paying attention to small details (even matching the socks!) and it’s something that has always made me happy. I absolutely love seeing Jack in this outfit since it reminds me of home with the London Beefeaters on his shirt and tweed trousers. As every Sunday, we ended up going to David’s Grandparents house for lunch and David was working in the garage on making his own Surf stand for all of his surf boards he has down in our storage. We are waiting for any day to have the phone call that Jack’s bed has arrived (we are getting so frustrated and bored of waiting!!) that I feel that after all of this time we are less excited to complete his room! We still have toy planes to hang and photos and frames to put on his wall once the bed arrives so hopefully it will get us excited on the project again! Jack oficially turned five months this weekend and I can’t wait for this Summer for my parents to be able to travel and see Jack for the second time!

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