I can’t get over how beautiful these photos turned out! David and I had seen so many yellow fields in the last few weeks when we were going out and I kept saying how I would love to go and take a few photos with Jack to keep as a memory and we never got around to doing it. Finally yesterday we had some free time and David said to go after lunch to take some photos – I didn’t really think into it that much like I usually like to think about the colours and our outfits and how the photos will turn out but I didn’t have time to think and they turned out so well! I think a part of it is the naturalness to the photos as well as the flowers make them so lovely. We didn’t end up being there for long at all, but we managed to lose one of Jacks’ socks somehow and we went back home and went on another walk! Lately we have been loving our walks which is so good for me to lose the pregnancy and postpartum weight… plus Jack is just about to start on solids which I am so excited about which also means that we will be even more conscious about what we are eating. This Friday we are going to look at buying a baby cook machine and start preparing for this little one!!

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