During the Easter break we took Jack to one of our favourite restaurants early in the morning in hopes that it wouldn’t be crowded full of people and much to our surprise we were the only people there so we had a coffee. I was so surprised how warm it was so early in the morning and so Jack was rocking his new sun hat most of the morning and we headed to the front of the restaurant which literally leads to the front of the beach. The entire restaurant has olive trees everwhere and it looks so beautiful and it’s also a hotel which one day I would love to stay at when we have more children and do the different activities that they offer (diving/sailing..) We ended up having to stop in front of the sea and feed Jack and it just felt of surreal to be feeding Jack in such a beautiful place! We ended up heading back home afterwards and we spent the afternoon pottering around the apartment and visiting a few surf shops that I was looking to buy some clothes since most of mine don’t fit me anymore (thanks postpartum!) but I couldn’t find anything that was my style or that I felt would look nice on me. I’ve just bought (for the first time since giving birth) some summer clothes that I finally feel good in and I can’t wait to share them with you!!

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