Another Sunday well spent with family! We went to see David’s grandparents and I thought it would be fun to match Jack today since we both seem to have our wardrobes full of blue and white stripes and dunagrees. It’s always fun to sit and talk with David’s grandparents (even if we have a language barrier – we make it work!) since Jack is changing so much and so quickly recently. I feel like every day I am putting away more of his clothes and noticing more of him changing! I was speaking to David in the car on the way home about how I feel like I don’t have a little baby anymore which is so sad but at the same time its so exciting. This Summer Jack will be able to do a lot more things and I’m so excited for him to experience so many things this year that he’s missed out on due to the pandemic. Plus, this year he will be older and a lot more aware of his surroundings so I can’t wait for him to be able to celebrate the fair that comes to our city every year that wasn’t able to last year since he will be turning one!

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