We decided to head off to a local town to wonder around in the afternoon sun and buy some delicious bunyols (they are so yummy!) but I have to admit that they don’t compare to the bunyols that we buy in David’s grandparents’ town! The only problem is that they are almost an hour away from where we live so when we go I take advantage and eat as many as I can (plus they are seasonal!) We decided to walk around and we actually sat outside and had a coffee at a restaurant (ok there was no one else at the restaurant) but I felt so proud of myself afterwards since it was the first time we’ve been to a restaurant since the COVID pandemic. It was a lot warmer than we thought and so I ended up feeling absolutely boiling in my shirt. We saw a little train that went through the town full of tourits and I’m pretty sure I enjoyed seeing it go passed more than Jack but it’s something I always saw with my parents when I was little and I loved seeing them go passed with all of the people on holiday and it was so strange having the same feeling now with my son! We ended up going home early to have lunch and in the afternoon David took me to a garden centre on the coast to buy me some flowers for Mother’s Day!

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