This weekend we didn’t plan to do anything special, or plan anything at all actually. We decided that we would stay around home and our little town and visit Jack’s Grandparents and get the house clean and other boring things that have to be done! Last minute we heard that the Grandparents had gone to the coast to the boat and so we decided why not join them last minute for some lunch on the boat! Jack actually slept the entire time we were on the boat even though it was so windy that things were even falling around in the boat. When we were pregnant we used to go sailing quite a lot and so I really think that Jack is used to the movements. I remember when I was around 35 weeks pregnant we went sailing and the engine broke and so we had to sail back to the port in the worst wind imaginable – I genuinley don’t know how I managed to do it in the end (well I had to I didn’t really have any other choice!). These photos David took were in a little cul de sac island that we have the apartment on. It’s such a nice little island since you turn out of nowhere on the road and suddenly you see this Mallorcan style houses in such a quiet little street! Easter is coming up very soon and we are already planning to go back to spend a few days in the apartment and perhaps we will go out on the boat but I’m still debating whether Jack is too young or not!

Have a nice day/weekend wherever you are!!!

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