Lately I’ve been shopping for Jack’s new bedding as we’ve recently bought him his first bed! We’ve been waiting a month for his bed to arrive and we still have a month and a half to go until it arrives! Jack will be around six months when it arrives (a child montessori bed) so I think it’s a good time to start letting him take naps in his bedroom during the day before he gets used to it! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for netural/good quality/not so childish bedding which seemed pretty much IMPOSSIBLE. I came across these two brands and I LOVE the way they look and I think they can be used for a boys or girls room and they look really tidy and give off a clean and calm vibe. What I love most about these duvet covers is that they all come with matching pillows and even other decor for the entire room and I love that I can match the curtains/lamp shades to the bedding. This is exactly the kind of feel we have been trying to achieve for Jack’s room – calm and relaxing. I’ve linked the bedding sets below along with some photos of them!

-1- NUMERO 74

I LOVE this blue colour, I think it’s so calming and fresh! If you browse the website from the link, you’ll see how many products they have to match the bedding. Numero 74 is also an ethical brand on top of looking really cute.

This colour just screams fun/girly princess themed room. It’s equally not super bright (it’s called dusty pink on the website) so you can pull it off in a boys room too! I love the clothing they have in this colour, too but I’m yet to have a daughter else I would have been tempted to order a few dresses!

I almost bought this duvet cover for Jack’s room but stopped myself since his wall that his bed will be touching is olive green and I just didn’t like the colour combination. I really like this colour though and I think it looks so fresh and clean!


This brand is definitely more on the pricey side compared to NUMERO 74, so if you’re willing and able to spend more on this kind of thing, then I’d definitely go for a brand like MOUMOUT I think the bedding looks so effortlessly chique and screams bohemian vibes.

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