There is something so magical about Sundays and that feeling that everything is closed (at least where we live) and it just makes it such a family-lazy day! Sunday’s are so special for us as we always start the day a lot slower than usual, even though we do still wake up at 7 AM thanks to Mr Jack! 😉 Sundays mean spending those extra minutes snuggling in bed and playing all together in Jack’s bedroom and visiting family. My absolute favourite thing about Sundays is going on our afternoon walk and coming home and putting on our PJ’s and spending the rest of the day on the sofa with David and Jack. We always put on a movie to watch and snuggle together whilst Jack goes to bed and we always find an excuse to open some chocolate 🙂 Sundays are also the day that David has a bit more time to help me around the house so we usually change all of the bedding and fold any laundry that has become crazily piled up throughout the week that I haven’t had a minute to finish! We are waiting for the Sundays to come where we say to Jack to get on his bike and we go to the local park! First step is installing his bike seat for this Summer (I can’t wait to be able to see him in his new chair!!!)

Since the lockdown has finished, we are just so grateful to be able to go on a walk outside and visit our family members, especially for them to be around Jack when he is at such a young age! Things like these we definitely take for granted and I’m so happy things are slowly starting to return to normality 🙂

Stay safe!!

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