We have a family tradition of seeing David’s Grandparents every two weeks and now that we have Jack, we try to visit them once a week if we can find time! Family time has always been so important to us and it is definitely a central part of our relationship. David’s Grandparents live in the mountains and they have a lot of land where they grow their own fruit and vegtables and they have the most beautiful trees. When we went up this weekend I saw that the trees had blossomed and I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had seen recently. David got to show Jack the chickens and it was the sweetest thing to see his reaction. Jack is going through his “grabbing everything in reach” phase and he literally wouldn’t stop holding on to the branch from the tree until David helped me remove his hand!! His outfit is actually handmade by a family friend and I will be so sad when it outgrows it! We are so happy that Jack can spend time with his great Grandparents since he has only met my parents for the first week of his life before we went back into lockdown and they had to head back home to the U.K! We can’t wait to be able to introduce Jack to his entire family and we are keeping our heads up and we are really hopeful to be able to go this Summer to England!

Here’s to all of the new parents who haven’t yet been able to introduce their little one/s to their family! I hope you get to spend time with the people you love soon 🙂

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