I recently came across these photos on the camera that we had taken one morning when Jack was a month old. Looking at these photos made me smile so much and seeing them made me realize how much he has already grown (he’s only four months now!). Today David and I started to go through his wardrobe and pull any clothes that are starting to fit down to his current shelf and take out any clothes that are too small. We had started slowly putting some of his newborn clothes into a diaper box that we didn’t throw out and it just got so full that we needed to sit down and do a good ol’ clean out. I don’t know why but I just get so excited going through his clothes that he will be wearing soon – I think it comes from my love for fashion and style and I just start to imagine what items he can wear together and start to pull outfits together. My absolute dream is to one day start my own clothing company and I have SO many ideas that I’m constantly thinking about and I get excited just thinking about it!!

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