Since David has most of his mornings free, I thought I’d share his and Jack’s daily routine. I thought it would be more fun to share their routine since it’s a lot more playful and they have such a cute connection. Although Jack looks exactly like me, he totally has his Papa’s personality and I love it. They are both such playful and energetic people that love to be close to people (but that means he constantly needs something to distract him!).

Our routine for the most part now that Jack is four months is something like this:

7.00 AM – Wake up & have breakfast together at kitchen table
Jack has two spoons of mashed fruit and his milk

8.00 AM – Mama and Jack have a bath together

Rest of morning – Independent & family play time

11.00 AM – Milk

11.30 AM – Nap

Afternoon – David reads Jack a book before second nap for the day

After nap we go for a walk together

We spend the rest of the day either cooking/cleaning and watching a movie at night!

Our favourite time of the day is definitely the mornings since Jack wakes up with a beaming smile and no matter how many hours he kept me awake, I can’t help but feel instantly uplifted and happy! We always start our day with cuddles & kisses in bed and we make a little “Jack sandwich” with Jack in the middle before we head off to the shower and then we have our coffee (Mama & Papa) and Jack gets some of his mashed fruit and milk. The rest of the day completely depends on the day since David has different working schedules every day but we go on a walk every day for at least an hour to get fresh air. Our favourite thing to do to end the day is to cuddle on the sofa and watch disney movies!

Have a great day!

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