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So one thing I love about where we live is how beautiful it is. I mean, we really do live in such a beautiful part of the world and sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in every day life and forget to just get outside. It sounds so silly but this is the only time (other than breakfast and dinner) that David and I genuinely get to talk and have a proper catch up and I love it. Hearing him tell me about his week and anything and everything that happened at work, those kind of small and silly things but are important to share. This was a walk that we do pretty much every Summer at least once (tourist season makes it far too busy and difficult) but mostly in the Fall and Spring before tourism starts to boom. This was actually Jack’s first walk there and I absolutely loved trying to capture (but failing miserably) him sticking his tongue out. Ever since we started to FaceTime with my parents who have actually only ever seen him a couple of times since we went back into lockdown and they had to go back to England, my Mum started to stick her tongue out and make funny faces and for some reason it just stuck with Jack and he doesn’t stop putting his tongue out recently and I LOVE it. It makes him look so cheeky and silly. Even though this walk was pretty much empty (perhaps we saw two or three other couples on our 2 hour walk), it felt strange to see people walking without their masks (we wore ours the entire time but removed them only when we took photos) and that kind of scares me even more that we have become so accustomed to seeing only half of peoples faces that it feels weird to actually see mouths and noses. David and I always talk about how Jack only knows some of our family members and friends by thier eyes since he was born during the pandemic and he doesn’t know some people in his life without their mask. I wonder at what point things will change and if Jack will notice these things as they change and he grows up. Just a thought for a Tuesday afternoon!!

Stay safe and have a wonderful day!!

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