DIY at home newborn photo shoot

Since our son was born during the COVID pandemic, the idea of going to a professional studio or even doing a private photo shoot at the photographers house seemed bizarre and quite frankly terrifying. Aside from that, if you have read my other posts about getting fired from my job since I was pregnant and at rist during the pandemic, spending a pocket full of money seemed even more bizarre. It only seemed natural to look into planning our own photoshoot at home and after scrolling through Pinterest my curiosity only grew. I started to look into what it would cost us and if it would genuinely be worth to make all of the effort after having a difficult birth (check out my story whilst you’re here!) or if it would be just as well to pay to go to a studio. One thing I knew was that I definitely wanted professional looking photographs that captured my newborn and that we would be able to have as a keepsake for him and share with our families.

When we started to look around at the different prices and packages for a newborn photo shoot, I was in complete shock. I could not digest that for a few hours and a small photo album of not even all of the photos from the session (perhaps 15 photos at a push) was reaching 700 – 800 euros. We do live in a small city and that could be part of the problem (there isn’t much competition for photographers, therefore they put up the price), but in general newborn photo shoots seem to cost an incredible amount. I couldn’t imagine paying such money after spending so much on the basics to prepare for his arrival, but naturally I wanted a photo album as a keepsake and I wanted it done well and professionally.

After looking around and realising that all you really need is a good camera, some props and some (a lot) of patience, we decided we would give it a go ourseleves. I started to look online at what equipment and props we would be needing to do the photo shoot ourselves and it didn’t actually end up being that difficult or expensive.

None of these items need to be super expensive – I definitely do not have a very expensive camera or lighting (frankly I bought my lighting from amazon which were one of the cheapest that they sold) but we were determined to have a successful photoshoot and I think the images turned out really well. I honestly think that if you have good lighting (even natural) and nice looking props, you will come out with some beautiful looking photos.

I actually didn’t have to buy any of the props since they were all items that I had around the house. For example, the fur blanket was something we always had on our bed in the winter, as well as the moses basket and muslin cloths that we had already purchased. We made the most out of Jack being born in the winter and we put up the tree early to take some holiday photos to send out to friends and family. David and I love the country style and so we prepared some props that we had lying about (axe and tree trunk from the garden).

For me the most important thing I quickly realised was having Jack calm and having good looking props set in place. Being at home was a lot easier since I was able to stop David taking the photos and take breaks to calm him down. Of course this would be something that I’m sure the photographer wouldn’t mind but knowing that I didn’t have a time limit completely erased any pressure from myself or Jack. Check out our photos from the shoot:

Since David and I are first time parents, I really felt like doing this DIY photo shoot at home gave us the space to breathe and not feel judged by other people since we genuinely had no clue what we were doing and Jack was almost two weeks at the time of the photo shoot. We were onyl just starting to understanding him and getting to know him! Some of the images we took I think really captured some natural moments that I don’t think we would have got in a studio. Let me know what you think about our photo shoot!!

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