Baby winter essentials

Since my son was born in November, there have been some staple pieces that have been key to his winter wardrobe. Keeping your little one warm during the winter isn’t as straightforward and easy as it sounds. All of those cute jackets and trousers that you’ve picked up may seem like the perfect answer but in reality, half of them you probably won’t be using.

Sorry, I won’t be using the winter clothing in order to keep my baby warm? …

In reality, those cute sweatpants that looked really cosy on the hanger with those fluffy socks will most likely be too big AND they will keep falling off and he or she will end up with freezing feet. Honestly, the amount of times that my son has kicked off his socks that fit him perfectly well (I swear they’re not too big!), they always end up on the floor or in his push chair and he ends up with cold feet. And you can forget about those mittens for his hands (HA!), they didn’t even make it home from the hospital.

So what will actually work for my baby?

We have found that using sleepsuits are the best option. Not only are they really easy to layer (put a bodysuit underneath and add a jacket over the top) but you can adapt to your climate (add socks on over the top of the body if necessary).


Using these are so much easier than having the hassle of matching your your tops with your bottoms and having everything in one is obviously warmer for your little one, too. Not to mention having one sleepsuit vs. trousers and a top/sweater is so much more affordable.

Tip: Be sure to look out for the sleepsuits that have the mittens attached so your little one can’t throw them!

The next thing we have been loving is hats. Now at first I was really skeptical that he would throw his hat to the ground, just like his socks and mittens, but he actually really likes wearing his hats.


We’ve been putting Jack in these classic newborn hats and they definitely do the trick. Since we are approaching mid December here, I’ve started to put him in one at bed time, too. These hats aren’t too warm and seem to do the job. When we venture outside, we tend to put a thicker one on that covers his ears (just like his cute one that he’s wearing in this photo!)


Another great way to layer is to add a snowsuit over bodysuits or however many layers your baby may have on according to your climate. This is my son wearing his Patagonia snowsuit which we put on over his bodysuit and sleepsuit if we are going out for the day and often during the winter months we add a blanket in his sleep bag.

Sleep bags

This sleepbag is always in his pushcair and while I thought it was more aesthetically pleasing than useful at first, it’s actually proven itself really useful. Not only does it keep our little one nice and snug whilst he’s in the pushchair, it also provides another layer for him. Not only that, but when we visit Grandma and Grandpa, it’s a great cover to have for him if he takes a nap in the crib there.


A really obvious one but we always add a jumper or cardigan over his bodysuit and sleepsuit if we don’t add his snowsuit. This is more for if we aren’t out in the morning since the afternoon sun here is quite strong, even in the winter.


For our son, since he is only a month old, we have found that the trousers with the feet attached are so much more useful since he can’t even have the option to kick off his socks! I really like the ones with a band too since you can pull them over the nappy line and keep everything that much more in place and warm!

These have pretty much been my staple pieces that Jack has been living in since he has been born! Since he is our first child, it’s been pretty much testing everything and seeing what works best for us! Let me know what winter essentials you have been loving for your little ones.

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