Stylish newborn clothing (baby boy)

One of the things I am really passionate about is style. When it comes to my newborn baby I always make sure that he has stylish clothing and I like to take the time to pick out pieces for him that complement each other and generally look like well put together outfits. Here are some of the pieces I have picked up for him recently and that he has been wearing since he is now two and a half months.

These three bodys from Petit Bateau are so beautifully made and have simple but timeless designs. You know, those kinds of designs you see those Pinterest babies wearing and you click and you can never seem to figure out where they bought them from – that or they’re out of stock or come from Australia! Jack has been wearing these with mostly neutral tones; beige trousers or sometimes grey or blue and since we are in winter an overall from the same company (included in this post!). I was looking through some of the photos David and I took one morning of us and I came across such a funny photo of Jack – the kind that screams, “you guys, are we just about done here?”. I couldn’t help but add it to this post!

Another piece I picked up was this Petit Bateau overall which I thought had such a western/hunter style which I love for winter. I usually put this over Jack’s bodysuit and trousers during the winter months and even put his patagonia snowsuit on the top if we do go outside. He’s also rocking a H&M hat with two pompoms which is so incredibly cute and I will be so sad when he grows out of it!

This Tommy Hilfiger cricket vest is so adorable and Jack wore this for the first time on Christmas day when we went to his Grandparents house for Christmas dinner. This is another beautifully made piece but definitely on the pricey side of the scale, especially since he wont be getting more than one or two uses out of it since he is growing so quickly and honestly it’s not a piece I can put him in every day just for comfort (for me and him!).

This pack of three set from Petit Bateau was such a great buy since I usually put it under Jack’s outfit, or if it isn’t too cold it is stylish enough to be worn with bottoms.

This baseball style tshirt is such a nice colour maroon and I absolutely love the boat with the dog! The sweatpants are really cosy and have a fleece lining and I think they look so classic and timeless.

Jack rocking his outfit after doing some tummy time!

These three items are ones I picked up but are yet to fit Jack, hence the lack of photo of him wearing them! I love the style of these Vans and the bandana snood looks so badass with the rock n’ roll body! David actually surprised me with these shoes a year before we started trying for Jack as I saw them in a shop in Tarifa when we went travelling and for some reason I bawled my eyes out when David said when we have our baby he will hang them in his car mirror after they no longer fit our baby. After he saw my response, he bought them sneakily and gifted them to me once we returned home. I guess they will always be really sentimental to me as they will be the first pair of shoes that Jack wears.

What do you think about the pieces Jack has been wearing? What are your thoughts about spending a bit more money on baby clothing? I’ve always thought it’s not worth it but I think having some staple pieces every now and again works well for his wardrobe. And if anybody knows some European based shops that sell Mama and baby matching clothing or accessories let me know! I’ve been searching for a good quality store that ships for not a ridiculous price to Europe.

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